ScummVM DS 0.11.1

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    ScummVM DS 0.11.1
    Finally out of beta

    Official release of agentq's ScummVM DS 0.11.1, which allows you to play point and click adventures from Lucasart on your DS. Download and changelog below.

    [title:Changelog] SCUMM:
    - Improvements for Digital iMUSE subsystem. This fixes several glitches in
    The Curse of Monkey Island.
    - Fixes for cursors in HE games.

    - Fix for zombies in King's Quest 4.
    - Fix for changing palettes in fanmade games using AGIPAL.

    - Fixed some conversation crashes in the German version.
    - Fixed operation of the optional copy protection dialog in the German
    - Added saving of conversation flags as to whether a particular conversation
    option had been previously selected or not.
    - Fixed glitch that could cause transformation sparkle to happen a second
    - Fixed behavior of Goewin when you rejoin her after meeting the dragon.

    - Fix for rat maze bug in Inherit the Earth which made game not completable.
    - Fixes for Inherit the Earth and I Have no Mouth game startup on a number
    of platforms.
    - Reduced the number of simultaneous open files in I Have no Mouth, to allow
    it to run on platforms that can keep a limited amount of files open (e.g.
    on the PSP).
    - Fixed graphics glitch in Inherit the Earth with simultaneous speech.
    - Fixed palette glitch in Inherit the Earth when looking at the map while at
    the docks.

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source
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    yay! all hail to agentq and Lucasarts! [​IMG]
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    Wait, what? I thought, that SCUMMVM DS doesn't support Curse of the Monkey Island... Is it a mistake?