Scoglionario 0.1 is out!

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    Feb 16, 2007
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    Another homebrew from Scognito! (me [​IMG])

    Scoglionario is a question based game, based on the famous "Who wants to be a millionaire" ("Chi vuole essere milionario" in italian) tv show.


    * Autodetecting system language and loading the specific questions pack (only italian and english for now)
    * DLDI compatible (tested on NinjaDS and R4)
    * Help: 50/50, Phone a friend, Ask the audience added (realtime-antani-randomizer-supersexy percentage builder thanks to AKBG)
    * Question stored in txt file (one for each 14 levels) so editing questions is easy
    * Themed as similiar as possible (sound and graphics) the original game
    * I didn't write the questions, I just used the files I found on google, so don't blame me if they are not good! [​IMG]


    * Patch the game with appropriate DLDI and put wherever you want inside the card
    * Put the "data" folder in the root of the card, or if you have the data folder yet, just put the "scoglionario" folder inside the "data" one on the card.
    * If you plan to use on emulator (only DeSmuME was tested) put all the questions file of your prefered language in the same folder where the rom is.
    Drawback 1: since sound is garbled in the emulator, it is disabled (you can still turn on in the options screen). Drawback 2: you lose half on entertainment not playing on real DS!
    * Enjoy

    Get it from here: