School Tax Levys (In Ohio, U.S.)

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    I know there are quite a few Ohioans on the Temp that might be familiar with this. I wanted to bring a discussion here because of the recent levy ballads going around. The school I go to, Teays Valley, just got the results after a 10 day recount and failed by a mere 30 or so votes... I'm a Senior and it won't have any effect on me, but I'm still very hurt by this because of how inconsiderate and money-obsessive people are... Especially when this school, being well known state wide because of it's excellence and achievements, gets thrown into the dark.

    I already have very close friends who will still be undergraduates next year who will be moving to another school because of this, and even though I'll be going to college, I would still absolutely hate to see them go, along with me to college. :(

    Discuss here if you would like...