Scenario questions about freEshop and recovering/reinstalling games

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    1. Say I have super smash bros in my SD card but it's not showing in my home menu. It's not showing that i have it installed either on freeshop. How would I recover it to show in the home menu again?

    2. Am I able to copy nintendo 3ds folder from a o3ds to a n3ds (I tried it but doesn't show my stuff in the home menu) Is the nintendo 3ds folder unique to each console?

    3. If I have 10 games in my hacked o3ds and transfer it to a hacked n3ds would i need to backup titles (sysnand) via decrypt9 and then install it in the n3ds sd card?

    4. is freEshop games illegal or legal cia?
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    1.Try launching Smash with FBI
    2.No and yes. If you copy it while doing a sys transfer its fine, but anything else won't work.
    3.I recommend you to install your games with freeShop on your N3DS and use JKSM to restore your saves.
    4.freeShop downloads games from Nintys servers
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