Scary easter egg in Sonic game? can you help me analyze the game?


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Jul 5, 2017
hello. years ago i had created a topic in which i was looking for a kinda secret easter egg of lukcy luke from snes.

you can find my story (solved) here.

yesterday. I read a topic in reddit about someone looking for a kinda similar easter egg in a sonic game. i will copypaste his story:

So many years ago I remember getting my hands on my first ever pc game which was a port of the sega saturn version of a Sonic game called Sonic 3d Blast and I believe I first played it when I was like 8 years old sometime during 2009.
The game also came bundled with Sonic R which I was unable to get working on the crappy family pc back in the day
The goal of the game was basically to save all the flicky birds from Robotnik trapped in the robots and to collect all the chaos emeralds so classic sonic fair nothing special here.
What I am going to talk about is the one thing that scared me silly about this game and it's the bosses more specifically the first boss in the game and it was also the first ever game to scare me.
First of all the boss music caught me off guard and Robotnik had a creepy as hell laugh playing in the background which really scared me.
Now there is one thing about this boss battle and this game I can't seem to find anywhere else on the internet and I remember this as clear as day even though it was over a decade ago and it's that when I paused the game during the boss battle the pause screen changed from the usual pause screen to an image of what I think was supposed to be robotnik, but the thing that scared me was that he had a pig nose or at least it looked like it and he had pointy ears almost like a pig, he was bald and wearing black sunglasses but worst of all he was actually pointing his a gun towards the direction of the player and there was a message above him that I can't remember what it said .
This actually scared me so much that I screamed in terror shut down the game and whenever I played Sonic 3d which was what my version of the game was called and I never went any further than before the first boss because of this.
I had the version of this game released in 1998 on a dvd made and distributed by a company called explosiv and I remember it very fondly even though it's a game with a mostly mixed and negative reception.
The strange thing is that when I played the game years later on the saturn version using an emulator the pause screen was the same as during the rest of the game so my conclusion here is that this MUST have been a feature that was completely exclusive to this exact version of the game that I had,I once tried running the version of the game I used to play as a kid on newer versions of Windows and sadly getting it to work on newer systems is almost impossible so I hope I can get a hold of a copy of this game because I lost my copy of the game years ago and I have to find an old computer with XP on it or older so I can confirm it's existence myself.

so, the game is sonic 3d blast for pc. can someone analyze its "sprites" (if they can be called like that) and find the scary image?
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