(Scam) Beware selling your mobiles on eBay

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones and Media Players' started by Elemi, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Elemi

    Elemi Yo!

    Feb 29, 2012
    So there's a big scam going on in eBay in which buyers are buying smartphones faulty, new and used condition, finding the slightest thing they could claim makes it an "Item not as described" and proceeding in sending it back.

    Now this wouldn't be so bad if that were all the was to it, but these sellers are buying multiple phones and coincidentally me and my dad were selling both our phones on eBay to downgrade (hi Nokia) for travel cash and we had the same buyer buy both our phones and claim trivial defects one of which being a tiny scratch on the screen protector of a phone that was bundled with one extra too, mine was a bit worse being a small depression on the faux metal bezel which I said fair enough and offered a part refund but was declined promptly.

    Now this seller has bought 10 phones in the past week (all Samsung galaxy phones) and I was shocked to find he has been swapping out parts and sending them back out hoping nobody notices.

    My 3 month old battery holds 2 hours charge over 15 hours, my camera lens is scuffed and I wasn't smart enough to take serial numbers from the back of the phone so who knows what else he did..

    I will also say for the sake of anyone else selling phones make sure they're being wiped correctly, I have bought phones off ebay before and found seriously sensitive data left behind, more than just browsing sessions, photographs and notes, but being a nice person I flash a stock image to wipe before I start using it (lol, explaining myself)...

    There's a huge hidden problem here and would advise against selling to a random person who could be buying many phones on the odd chance of finding a trove of data, credit card, logged in Facebook account or eBay/PayPal, the list goes on...

    I though I'd share my thoughts on this just so someone else doesn't have as bad a day as me.
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