SC dstwo to denmark from us or china?

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  1. hapse

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    Mar 31, 2011
    Hey gbatempers :)
    So im gonna order a supercard dstwo but i dont know from where really, i will not buy it from a shop in europe as they cost about 80$ (yea its insane) and when i bought my supercard dsone from usa i had no problems at all and i saved like 50% :)

    so now the question is, so i order the flashcard from china or usa??
    (also on a sitenote on it says "ALL SHIPPING MADE BY AIRMAIL WILL ARRIVE AFTER XMAS" do you think they forgot to remove it else i think i might buy it there unless you advice me to buy it from the us)

    Hugs and kisses! ;)


    oh and big ps. I live in Denmark (that little country between sweden and germany ;))
    pps. i did send a mail to zhuzhuchina but they havent answered yet.