Sbrik wii with betwiin and donor nand

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    Dec 2, 2012
    Hello i have a brick wii without bootmii installed.Wii menù start, but it block when appare press A to continue.I have dissoldered nand and read with progskeet and have boot1b and boot2v4.I try use simple nand converter and put in the betwiin folder input a good dump with boot1b and boot2v4 with nand-hmac and nand-key and output folder nand-key and nand-hmac of briked dump and strat simplenand conveter.At the final result nand i put wuth hex editor the file keys.bin.I start wii with sd card and restore nand with bootmii, but at the final i have a time black screen and other times with other dump donor the sistem file are damaged ecc...Is possible resolve?I have resolved other wii bricked, but this time don' t work.