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    Test.Drive.Unlimited.2.XBOX360-CCCLX did get released in between this and the last release covered here, it was taken care of in the main 360 section though.
    Marvel vs Capcom 3 is also doing the p2p/repack rounds.

    Region locked US only but as the Eu release has been out since May there should be no AP25. This appears to be something of a catchup/filler release too- the actual game appeared to have hit in December.

    This is the US release of the superbike game. Those new to the series this is a licensed world superbikes game placed far into the simulation side of things. With it being out a while in other regions it has been reviewed quite a bit where it fared as you might expect and can be summed up by if you are a fan of such things have at it. The moto GP game from last year tends to fare worse under criticism although that was equally a nice sim. If you can bide your time there is the MotoGP 10/11 game out this time next month in Europe at least and another MX vs ATV ( MX vs. ATV Alive) game out in mid May. SBK 2011 is also set for a mid May release.

    Gameplay video