Savsender Problems!

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  1. Ersatz Nihilist

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    May 9, 2007
    Hello there!

    I've been fiddling about with Savsender a bit, and although I can pull the saves off of original carts without any problems at all, I'm running into few issues loading them back on. As far as I can tell, I've got everything set up correctly (else I wouldn't be able to pull saves off of the carts), and I'm using the correct command line instruction (< not >) but when I go to actually restore the save, it begins working properly (lots of dots appearing), but halfway through it just freezes up.

    My DS network light is still blinking, and this happens over and over again.

    I experimented a little, and it turns out that I can successfully write a save if I attempt to put it back immediately with nothing changed, but if I lster the save DS side, re-writing stops as described above. For instance, I can download my MK:DS save without any problems at all. If I immediately try to re-send it up, it re-applies to the Cart without any problems, but if I delete my save on the cart, the above error occurs.

    Surely the point of backing up my saves is to safeguard them against wipage. If all I can do is restore an identical save to whatever is already on the cart, there's no point at all.

    Can anyone help, or offer any tips?
  2. calvin_0

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    May 23, 2007
    well are you using R4DS? if you are, then you shouldnt have any problem at all....but if you arent usign R4, then you might need to recovert your save file to raw before uploading...