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    Nov 21, 2005
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    I was going to bring this is up in a "Don't say breath of the wild was not flawless as I might have to question my opinions if you do and that is bad" threads but thought it might go as a standalone. Spoilers for any number of games potentially ahead.

    Anyway many times games have an ultimate item of a sort that might make things harder in the short term but could well pay off in the longer one.

    Resident Evil. When gunpowder mixing was introduced I hoarded everything to make the C powder and thus magnum rounds. No grenade launcher rounds (prior to 5 I don't think I really ever used it), shotgun, pistol, certainly not enough mixing to make the + powered rounds of the basic stuff.

    Ninja Gaiden. You get a wooden sword as a reference to a legendary duel by Miyamoto Musashi. Being a wooden sword it is crap, unless you upgrade it to the max (at considerable expense). When I was playing it forced me to choose between upgrading my normal weapons and pouring stuff into that. As the game is hard at the best of times this did not help make it easier.

    Not as much of one but I did find the option to pimp out your guns in the Army of Two games and actually cause more aggro from doing so to be amusing.

    Have you ever had this subverted? Trained by games to think this resource sink will pay off big time, only to not so much have it. Probably not to much now faqs are an ever present concept but I know I like to go in cold and struggle through still.
    Never played Eve but it seems the Titans might be some element of this
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