Saving Games on Goomba Color?

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    Nov 7, 2006
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    Don't know how often this question gets asked but here it is:

    Just recently discoved that the Alpha 6 version of Goomba Color is built into my SuperCard Lite. I started up Pokemon Red [Gameboy](ahh, the memories [​IMG] ) and played for about half an hour. Now, all I had on my root (SD Micro Card) was the Pokemon file. Didn't patch it with the software because .gb files weren't supported. I saved in-game but a save wasn't created at all to the root after I powered down, thus my data was lost.

    I poked around several forums and tried many different things to get the game to save with no luck. I'm aware that Goomba Color currently doesn't support save states but it at least has to support regular in-game saves, right?

    A couple of other questions and notes on the side:

    - I tried creating a blank .gba sav file thorough the software and then renamed the file to .gb. Didn't work. Also tried naming it to .gb.sav. Still didn't work
    - I also tried changing to blank .sav to a read only file since, oddly enough, my Pokemon Red rom was read-only. I also tried both files as normal NON-Read-only files.
    - The save worked a couple of times but after I powered down a second time, I double checked and it went back to not saving.
    - Is QPC saving the only way to properly save? I've heard that it's dangerous as it's known to corrupt data at times.

    By the way, I'm running a Superkey on a DS Lite with a 1 GB Sandisk MicroSD card inserted into a Supercard Lite.

    If you can please help it would be greatly appreciated, thanks! [​IMG]