Saving Gamecube via using Neogamma, is it possible or no? have

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    Apr 21, 2010
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    Hey there,

    I just wanted to know if anyone knows of a way to save games (your data file) using neogamma and playing GC games. Do I need to go and purchase a memory card the size of a credit card so I can smack people in the mouth and call myself Neildiamond ? Or via the option in Neogamma (Storage device) actually works on some setting.

    Thanks really appericate answer

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    and answer my question

  2. resincake

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    Aug 21, 2009
    Are you asking if it is possible to save your game (On Gamecube games) to something other than the Gamecube memory card? Via Neogamma or any other loader ?

    If so, the answer is 'No'.

    Besides, a Gamecube memory card can be gotten for like £3 off ebay, and it aint that big, and even if you do consider it as big, you arent gonna be carrying it around with you.

    Or am I missing what you are asking?


    NOTE: Just to clarify. The Storage device option in Neogamma is to set the device for saving your Neogamma config only (ie./ Save the options you have selected), not your savegames for any game started via Neogamma.
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    No it's not. The config is always stored on sd card. The storage option is for Ocarina codes, .wip files etc.
  4. resincake

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    Aug 21, 2009
    @WiiPower : Cool, I didn't know that.

    Still, the main message of my post to the OP still stands.