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    Apr 2, 2006

    Today I got tired of downloading newset savelist, unpacking, and moving it to shell directory.
    So I wrote a quick batch file to do the dirty job for me [​IMG] Anyway, I thought some people may use it too, so I decided to share it.

    You can download it here: v0.3.3

    It automatically downloads latest Xsinthis savelist, unpacks it, and moves to sd card.

    1. Download
    2. Unpack
    3. Set your microSD drive letter by editing get_savelist.bat file (open with notepad).
    4. Insert your card into reader and double-click bat file. Thats all, you have the newest savelist [​IMG]

    - added check if there is newer file, if not - notify and cancel operation
    - cleanup, fixes
    - small redesign, better for some usage
    - changed url, as now Xsinthis maintains savelist
    - another url change
    - now should display all errors (like 404)
    - fixed error from 0.3.2

    Thanks to:
    cory1492,Mbmax,mosqto,Xsinthis (and probably many others) for great savelist updates for wget port for great packer