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    I had to get a new wii, my old one got broken. And I stupidly got the new red one, oblivious to the issues with 4.3.
    The sd card slot was broken and I had to hold it a certain way for it to even read it... and the wii refused to transfer saves, even tried a different sd card.
    I already had HBC and everything, so I got SGM. That wouldn't transfer the saves to the sd card either, but it worked with a usb drive.

    So now on the new one, I installed HBC, USB loader, and everything works fine.. except SGM.
    When I load savegame manager GX, it just goes to a black screen and plays the music from the wii's home menu, and I have to hold the power button on the wii.
    When I load savegame manager, it sounds for not even a second like its doing the same, then I get the black screen that says "exception (DSI) occurred", blahh blahh blahh "stack dump" blahh blahh "code dump"

    at this point, if anyone can even tell me how to manually put the saves on my sd card, I'd be fine with that too..
    Only problem is, for instance Mario Kart, I have a folder called 00010004524d4345 and inside is 4 files.. banner.bin rksys.dat wc24dl.vff wc24scr.vff
    I only know that its mario kart by googling that number.. and I managed to figure out all of my saves, along with their "game codes" ex- mario kart is RMCE (I'm from the US)
    and every save has different stuff in their folder..
    Now I know when you manually put a save on your sd card, it is in a folder with the game code, and the save is called data.bin..
    But what do I do with these files?

    Any help with either of these would be greatly appreciated
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    Jan 13, 2011
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    I have this same problem
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    Make sure you have at least 1 mii allready on your Wii before using SGM.
    Also make sure you have a save of the game you want to install a save of before using SGM.