Save Transfer Wii to VWii (wii U)

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  1. rafalince

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    Jul 4, 2015
    Can i transfer my saves from wii to Vwii mode on wii u ? Without problems ?
  2. Cyan

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    yes you can.
    Either officially with the Wii to WiiU transfer channel. It will delete everything from your wii !! and you will lose your pirated Channel saves as they will not be reinstalled on your WiiU if you don't have bought tickets on eshop.
    You can always restore a NAND backup if you want to get your Wii state back after the transfer.

    or using a homebrew (SavegameManagerGX for example), but you need to play the game on WiiU first or you can't copy the file to the console.

    There are also other solutions, like Emulated NAND.
    You can create a NAND dump of your Wii, and use that dump as savegame location in USBLoaders using partial emuNAND option. but not all games will work.
    When you boot your Wii game, it tells the cIOS to redirect savegame NAND access to SD card. it works for wii games only.
    for Channels, you need to use Full EmuNAND or neek and might have to reinstall the games on a vWii NAND dump. You can use ShowMiiWad to extract/backup/restore channel savegames.