[SAVE FIX] Pokemon Gen 2 Emulator Save To Virtual Console (Fix)

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    May 19, 2017
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    A few people have trouble with the save that was used in an Emulator on PC to convert it to VC.
    Almost it doesn´t work on VC.

    I tell you today how to Fix it :)

    Things you will need:

    HxD (or anyother Hex editor)
    Your GBC Save (Used on an Emulator)
    JSKV (to inject the save to VC)

    Supported Versions :

    Pokemon Gold
    Pokemon Silver
    Pokemon Crystal
    Pokemon Prism
    and other GBC Rom Hacks

    First you open your Emulator Save with HxD
    and scroll down to the last to Lines and Delete it.


    Now you can save it and rename to sav.dat
    Now you can import it to VC.