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Discussion in 'Acekard' started by ravagekd, Jul 1, 2008.

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    I've been trying to RTFM about saves the best I can, since I currently have an R4 and am waiting for my AK2 to land from DX soon (hopefully [​IMG]). I'm pretty sure that from everything I have read, I need to make sure all my save files end in .nds.sav and I just need to make sure it's all lowercase... someone correct me if I'm wrong on that concept tho. 8-)

    My real question is, does have some sort of compiled reference of what cards use what save types so that people can more easily find this info if they're looking to change cards? Seems to me that most of the people on here have used at least two cards at some point in time, and right now trying to find good information on what you may need to do in order to move everything from one card to the other with your saves intact is a pretty difficult task. I looked in the Guides section of the site, I tried using the site search, but it was still tough trying to find one centralized place with info and just had to try and figure it out from reading random forum threads.

    If such a central location for that info doesnt exist, does anyone else think it'd be a good idea to have something like that? [​IMG]
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    Just experiment.
    Move the saves, try it out.
    Doesn't work?
    Rename it, try it out.
    Still doesn't work?
    Use a convertor.
    Still doesn't work?
    Come post a question.

    (Maybe I missed some steps.)

    But why not experiment? As long as you keep backups there is no reason not to.

    EDIT: And whats wrong with reading random threads? Too lazy?
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    Most flashcarts use RAW saves which means that they only have to be renamed correctly to work. Some exceptions exists such as the DS-X which uses compressed saves.

    This is also a fine tool for save conversion:
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    gratefulbuddy, as I said I dont have the AK2 yet so I'm just trying to do my research. "try and fail" method won't work for me right now. On top of that, I can appreciate and fully support the "don't ask a question like 'will this rom work on my card'" without trying it, but what's wrong with asking a fairly general question like this?

    am i lazy to not want to read random threads? yes and no. yes, it's a lot of work to try and find a needle in a haystack. second, you would think there are clear answers to moving save files around but i couldnt find any "definite" answer; just lots of noise and people posting speculation, conjecture, and some outright bad information. just figured I would find out if there was any known "word" on the topic rather than listen to the masses babble.

    minox, thanks for the reply. I didnt know that simple renaming was the only concern to worry about, barring few exceptions like the DSX. That's the type of info I was looking for [​IMG]