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    Apr 7, 2007
    I've been thinking about getting a NDS development cart for a while (for development! ...and scummvm ds) but it's always been a maybe next year thing, I don't have any urgent need for one as (unfortunately unlike the main market for these devices) I am perfectly content to buy my games at reasonable prices. Until Daigassou! Band Brothers.

    Some people apparently transfer music to and from the game using an action replay to access the cartridge's backup memory in combination with a windows program, but I'd prefer not to buy what is essentially a cheating device, which is not something I've ever needed or wanted, for this single function. Instead I wondered if custom DS software could not perform the function of the action replay and save to either the dev cart or use the wlan function of the DS, as I intend to try developing for the DS anyway. An R4 should be heading this way shortly.

    A little searching found "rein", but it's a) dead and b) only seems to work from slot 2, and slot 2 solutions are more expensive than I feel I can justify. (Although the program seems to have direct band brothers support. Shame.)

    So I've decided to have a go at writing something to do the job myself. I think that loading a program entirely into WRAM and having it continue to run while the user swaps to the original cartridge must be possible as the action replay ds and similar homebrew tools seem to do precisely this, and I saw it mentioned in a "nitro hax" thread that a rom dumper of this sort was an early stage of the program's development.

    Am I overlooking something that will make this harder than I think / impossible? I guess I've still got scummvm even if this can't work, and the R4 was very reasonable compared to what was around when I've checked over the past couple of years, but I'd very much like to do this if it can be done.
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    Wow, that is a great idea, I suggested something like it when slot-1s came out, but the creator or REIN did quit....I can't think of anything that couldnt be overcame without too much difficulty