SAO: Lost song -3.50 fw vita advice...

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    I have a vita on 3.50 with Unity and rejuvinate on it. I also plan to get ARK onto the psp side so I can run other emulators.

    My issue is I want to buy SAO: lost song & SAO: hollow fragment but as lost song is a recent title i'm worried it will force me to update my FW.

    Does anyone know the min firmware it will work with?

    If it's up to 3.52 it looks like I can still install ark and use custom bubbles, but I don't know if its possible to upgrade to a specific firmware version thats no longer hosted by sony?

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    if you mean from the psn both will make you update to the latest firmware(since both had no retail release in english contries) however i advise you keep away from hollow fragment like the plague unless its the ps4 version. the translatio8n was so bad that it was pathetic. it was literally the asian copy(which had a retail mind you) repackaged(or whatever youd call it for digital games) and bamco called it a day. though from what i played of lost song that id say is a good game but the question is do you want that stuff or do you want the game.

    sorry for the tangent

    sorry if it didnt help but i dont want anyone to get hollow fragment(vita) and be disappointed by the "translation"(id put air quotes in the word but internet and all)
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    Ah, another Vita title that had a lazy, belated port. I hold Metal Gear Solid HD Collection as an example of an excellent port even with the obligatory tacked on use of the touchscreen for certain things, and God Of War Collection as a playable but lazy one (locked to 30fps yet the framerate drops, still obviously low res PS2 textures poking through on certain backgrounds).

    What I would recommend is - find out the month/year of release of the title you want. Cross-reference this against the month/year release of the firmware version you're running.

    Vita Firmware: 3.18 - released August 7th 2014
    Grim Fandango Remastered - released January 27th 2015

    So it needs 3.36 because this was released around the same time as the game, in this case January 14th 2015.
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  4. Kyuzumaki

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    Thanks for the ideas Lost song was released in JP on March 26th 2015 so would be FW 3.50 but the PAL and US versions were released much later in November at which point FW version was up to 3.55.

    Is it likely the JP and PAL versions have different firmware requirements? Has anyone got the actual game and tried it in a lower FW vita?
  5. Binebina87

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    I just tried both games (retail English Asian Versions) on my 3.36 Vita TV (because I know they both work on my 3.51 Vita)
    And to my astonishment they both worked (no "please update FW" message).

    So if you really want the games (and you dont mind not getting the free DLC unless you change your PSN account region) then get the English Asian retail versions (they are more expensive to import though). Or if you have a PS4 get Hollow Fragment for it, because the translation is better than the Vita Version. Lost Song has the same English translation for every Version afaik.

    As I read over at Lost Song EU/US requires 3.52 (and you will lose Rejuvenate if you update). But it is possible to update to a specific (lower) FW (but you cant access the PSN on lower FWs and thats why you need a PS3 to transfer the games to your Vita)