Sands of Destruction delayed until 2010

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by granville, Apr 4, 2009.

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    This here is some annoying news. The localization of World Destruction, retitled Sands of Destruction was delayed until 2010 says the official product page on Sega's website. It was released last year in Japan to some warm applause but some criticism that the battle system was too easy to exploit and win fights. The localization to US was set to fix these issues, introduce a new soundtrack composed by the same composer as the Japanese version, and was set for a summer or fall release this year. Sadly, they have delayed the game now until "winter 2010" which I assume means anywhere from January-March. So another year to wait until we get this RPG over here.


    Siliconera believes that this delay may be due to tying the release into the official anime and manga US releases. Sega had a 13 episode series anime released last year in Japan. Supposedly, it is coming to the US as well.

    Sad news indeed. I am looking forward to the game. It's also on the largest DS cart available currently- 256MB. It boasts upwards of 80 minutes of full motion video among other things.
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    Siliconera block hotlinking. Here's a locally hosted copy of that image:


    EDIT: And yeah, this sucks, I'm looking forward to SoD. Just a tip though, the anime is fucking shit. Embarrassingly lame, don't watch it.
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    that sucks [​IMG]

    I am looking forward to the game as well
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    FUCK! That sucks, I've been waiting for this one for a while :\

    What the hell, man. It seems like after the awesome month of March, shit just hit rock bottom.

    Delays so far:
    Steal Princess
    Black Sigil
    Sands of Destruction
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    Wow this is another DS game I was really looking forward too, I won't be able to play it anytime soon =/
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    Watch, Super Robot Taisen OG Saga will be delayed till late May.
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    Q4 10. wow. *waiting for noobs to ask for translation*
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    They probably did beat that dead horse--so to speak--within an hour after the [J] version hit the internet.

    Although I protest the continued term 'noob', and not solely for the spelling: ignorant and uninformed are not synonymous with crass and shameless.
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    i think it's becuz of the market not being very fresh but occupied with many games thus they wish to keep it on hold so tht they get more buyers... ofcourse this does not apply to many of us