Sandbox Engind DS-DSi on 3ds? o.0

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    lol no im not announcing T3-games Sandbox engine for 3DS, (yet [​IMG])
    im sure word has been out about one of my titles sandbox engind DS-DSi which is a 3D FPS style DSi hybrid homebrew(for DSi but works also for DS)
    the next day after uploading version 001(aka the 10% beta) i noticed huge support for my project.
    the day after releasing v001 i was out for the day & i randomly did a google search & turns out support for my project is all over the web.
    which encouraged me to continue releasing sandbox engine v002 yesterday. lots of improvements but still more comming,(v003 comming very soon [​IMG]).
    this morning i decided to goggle my project thats when i saw this.

    source here
    sandbox engine DS-DSi v002 for 3DS
    it appears to be playing on one of the R4 cards which doesnt support DSimode sadly [​IMG]
    (in DS mode it only runs at 30 FPS at the current mont, in DSimode it runs at 60 FPS & the bottom screen shows black with green text instead of blue.)
    3DS is aparently only in japan currently. but still pretty awesome [​IMG]

    (oh & yes T3-games does havea a youtube page. its just nothing on my current projects havent been uploaded yet, there are only vids of one of my older projects GTA 3 DS for now.)