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    Well yeah might post it in a Block but I think it fits here at least the same if not even better.

    yeah so I just watched Sanctum 3D and I have to say even thaught I really don't like the setting its an AWESOME movie !
    even thaught its just a "movie" its still great seeing how all the different characters react in the situation they are in.

    I'll give a little description, for something better visit imdb or another review site (my english is not as good as I could write some great review anyways)

    So yeah the Story begins at the Esa-ala caves in Papua New Guinea (wiki says in real its "Cave of Swallows" located in Mexico) with a team of people who want to discover the unknown caves.
    after a faithful accident where one of the team died and many blaming the expedition leader a storm comes up and floods the caves leaving them no choice but to depend on the one they are blaming ....
    now a group of people are trying to escape the Cave trough a just recently found and still unknown part of the cave they hope not to be flooded already.
    A hard journey begins with many obstacles not only physical but psychical as well !
    What would you do with neither enough food nor water air and whatever you could think off stuck in a thin and dark cave!

    Even thaught this only got 5 out of 10 stars from IMDB I have to say this is one of the better movies i have watched recently and it is really no wonder this movie was at least Nominated for the best effects award !
    I would really suggest anyone watching this, like i said i really really do not like settings like this cuz it makes me feel awkward (dieing underwater without air is my worst nightmare) but that movie was worth it ^^