San Francisco brands NRA a domestic terrorist organization

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Feb 17, 2015
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Something I said to my Cousin.........
So because of a few, you are OK with punishing everyone????? Criminals will still get them anyway. Besides, good luck taking them from Vets, and 2nd Amendment Supporters. Guns are not the is the PERSON who uses them in the way they do that is the Issue.
Also, for those "Red Flag" Laws......guess what, Cuz.........EVERYONE can be a potential Red Flag! Boss being an Ass? Got passed over for Promotion? Not getting the recognition you deserve at Work? Got turned down by someone you are interested in? People keep talking shit about you? Bullying?? Spouse or BF/GF Cheating???? Found out the Baby is not yours? Bills getting out of hand? Getting Evicted? Bill Collectors pissing you off? Got turned down for a House/Car/Loan?
Yes, I do believe in Checks, to make sure someone is not getting a Weapon who should not have one. But dont go punishing those who are Law Abiding Citizens, because of the few.
Also, for Beto's Comment.........ALL WEAPONS were designed for Battlefield use, with that Function in mind!!!! Including, but not limited to - Flintlocks, Muzzle Loaded Weapons, Revolvers, Shotguns, you name it! Even Hollow Point Rounds were Designed with the intent on causing more damage!!!!!!!
Here's a Question - Why are Non-Lethal Weapons/Rounds not Authorized for Civilian Use??????? Not to mention, why is it, that if someone breaks into your place, you Defend yourself, the Criminal is Injured, gets Arrested, why is it that in some cases, the Criminal and their Lawyer can come after YOU for Damages?????? What gave that idiot the "Right" to break in, in the first place?????
Hell, here in CA, there is a "Law" that if you use an item like a Baseball Bat, or anything like a Baton, you can be Charged with a Misdemeanor, or possibly a Felony??????? So one can use ANYTHING to Defend themselves with, huh???????
Finally, the 2nd Amendment was written, so that 1 - The People can Defend themselves/Family/Property / 2 - To Defend this Country, if a Foreign or Domestic Threat , threatens our way of life. You do know that in times of Emergency, the People can be Called to Arms, right???? You Ban all the Weapons, what are People going to use?????? Hell, Nazis used Children to get their People to turn in their Weapons......then when they were Defenseless, they moved on to their next endeavor.....Mass Murder.
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