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    No new 360 releases post today, there has been a bit of action on the homebrew and DLC fronts but I am going to wait and see what happens before the weekend (nothing really scheduled but close enough to other things) before posting up a full releases post.

    Back on topic:
    Group says region free.

    PROTOCOL bring us the first Samurai Shodown game to grace a major home console in quite some time aside from a spinoff on the DC. For those new to the series it is a fighting game (this one 3d a la soul calibur) using weapons with a samurai theme- it is perhaps not as over the top as the likes of the recent blazbue but those looking for a "pure" kenjutsu simulator need to keep searching. It is a favourite in the arcades with all that follows such a status and this time it has followed down the soul calibur path and gained a story mode. It appeared in Japan back in December where it got somewhat mixed reviews but what I saw I read as "fans of the series" type reviews.

    Boxart courtesy of amazon:

    Some gameplay courtesy of gamespot:

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    A lot of people are saying this is crap. I think all the showdowns were crap, but I still enjoy playing them. Samurai Showdown is a Street Fighter clone that got lucky and sold well in the 90's. Its a fun game, but by all means not a centerpiece in video game history.

    I will play this game, I will enjoy it and I will think its good. Nothing more. Unless I'm surprised like Gears of War 2
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    how do you compare this to GOW2?


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