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Sep 28, 2021
hey guy this is a work in progress and will get updates from time to time
and wont only focus on the service menu but will become more like a guide to samsung tv´s

1. What is the Service menu

The Service Menu is like a bios for your tv where you can change ANYTHING and i mean ANYTHING (model,panel,tuner,colors,sound,wifi vendor etc)

CAUTION!, the danger to brick TV is high. You can harm your TV by changing values in service menu some options cannot be reverted once changed. Be 100% sure what you`re doing there.

2. How to enter the Service menu

There are several ways to enter the Service menu (some depending on your model and or the model of your remote)

1.In standby press in order: Info, Menu, Mute, Power

2.In standby press in order:: 1, 8, 2, and Power

3.In standby press in order: Display, P.STD, Mute, Power

4.In standby press in order:: Sleep, P.STD, Mute, Power

5.In standby press in order: Display, Menu, Mute, Power

6.Press in order: Mute, 1, 1, 9, Power (no standby needed)

7.(for models with smart remote) Some will tell you to buy an old samsung remote but thats obsolete there are other methods:

1. Method:
The first method is to hold down the MENU button on the panel of your TV for 30 seconds, then the service menu can be opened.

2. Method:
The second method is to hold down the INPUT and MENU buttons from the side panel of the TV for 30 seconds to a minute. This is the same method by which if you don't remember the PIN code of Samsung LED TV, you can also set the service menu and factory settings of your TV without PIN .

3. Method:
The third method, this method is to unplug your TV from the power socket and then you have to press the POWER and MENU buttons on your TV key panel and turn on the power. In addition to the service menu without remote control, the same method is used to restore the Samsung TV factory reset.

4. Method:
In the fourth method, you have to unplug your TV from the socket, then place your hand on the MENU and INPUT buttons on the TV panel and then you have to plug the TV into the socket. Will be able to access the hidden service menu. Here you can use the channel's up and down button for navigation and with the volume up/down button you can change any value.

5. Method:
Fifth Method, In this method you have to press and hold the POWER button of the TV for one minute. You will see that your TV will turn off automatically and start again, this process will take one to two minutes. This way you can perform factory settings in addition to your television's service menu without remote control.

6. Method: Sending IR using your Phone(IR-Port needed):

1.App for android and my personal favourite Service Remote Control by Wolfgang nieman (google is your friend its not on the playstore)
Run SRC app and push S1 then S2

2.Symbian based phones with IR-Port(needs to be rooted)

First install Psiloc.irRemote.v1.04.sis (again google is your friend)
Then choose AA59-00316b remote config and press 7 for 3speed and 9 for factory
Alternative choose Samsung Service Remote config by Gia90

7. Method: Using your pc
This only works on TV`s with ethernet/wifi port and on models where the network remote control function isn`t disabled (all high end C, D and E series). However, it doesn't work any longer on most recent models/firmwares.
Install ruSamsungTVCommunicator (ruSTVC) (again google is your friend)
Start ruSTVC on PC, and when asked, enable access to control TV on TV screen. If no popup appeared, navigate to
Menu->System->Network Remote Control ->ruSTVC
and set allow from there just use any known service menu combo

8. Method Getting a real Samsung Factory remote (expensive and complete obsolete and wont work with newer models cuz theres no 3speed button)

9. Method Using an Arduino Ethernet board
this would be to much for me so for all techsavages heres the project page

3. What can you do with the Service Menu

-Factory reset
-Type - allows you to change the model number of the TV. (Do not change !!)

If you know what youre doing u can change the model on your tv to another one this could unlock features this could enhance your picture but also this could BRICK your tv (how this works is some samsung tv series have the same panel from low end through high end models and were only software capped)
For the safety of some people i wont explain on this topic further(If u want a new doorstopper then go ahead and research)

-Tuner - allows you to set the tuner card type in the TV. (Do not change !!)
-Region - sets the operating region of the set, useful if you need to access another countries apps
-Language Set - Defines which languages show up in the TVs main settings menu
-Wifi Region - Sets the wifi region/channel allocation for the set, if you are having problems
-Panel Init Time - shows the number of hours that the panel has been active for
-Enable/Disable Teletext(TTX),BT Support,Watchdog,TV Plus Support,Motion Plus Support,UHDA,NAGSAM,Ecosensor,
Sound/display Mirroring,BD Wise Plus,HDR PLus,Decor Mode,Frame TV and much more
-Extended PVR - Allows for manual and scheduled recording of programmes to a connected USB stick or hard drive.
-Hotel/Hospitality Mode allows you to put the set into Hotel/Hospitality mode, which can restrict some features of the set.
-Shop Mode Enables shop mode on your set, which displays advertising and features for use in a store front
(Peak Mode - Runs your TV ALWAYS at Peak Performance (Brightness and Color dont get it wrong ^^)
(Exhibition Mode ?)
-Troubleshooting tests and tools
-Change accepted resolution HD,UHD,8K UHD (yes this will tweak your tv to allow higher resolution and dsr resolutions but it depends on your panel and mostly wont be a great experience)
-App reset - this will clear all app data (usefull in combination with flash reset if you have the storage bug )

3b. How to turn off UI Ads and Tv plus nag

Ever wanted to turn off those pesky UI ads wich came with the newest patches?(works only if your tv is kept offline)

-first go in service menu and do a factory reset + app reset restart the tv (unplugg it for 10 seconds)
-again in service menu disable tv plus
-in normal menu do a factory reset (we want a clear appcache + this approach will prevent the storage bug)
-follow the setup normally till you got to the point where you accept the eula
-now dont accept anything on some models you can just leave the boxes unticked
-dont create a samsung account or login with a existing one
-finish the setup and youre done
-just keep the tv offline or the ads and tv plus will reappear (beware of hdmi+ethernet this will make the nag and ads reappear to)

4. How do you enable Advanced Option

Just press four times 0 while on the menu point

5. How to enable Samsung Dev Mode

This allows you to run Homebrew/third Party apps (Tizen OS)

First step : Allow unknown sources

  1. Open Settings menu
  2. Choose the Personal tab
  3. Open Security submenu
  4. Find Unknown Sources line and set it to Enabled
Second step : Enable Dev Mode
  1. Go to the Samsung Smart TV Settings menu
  2. Open the Smart Hub
  3. Choose Apps
  4. Enter your Samsung Smart TV PIN
  5. If you haven’t changed the PIN, input 00000 or 12345
  6. Change Developer Mode to ON
  7. Fill your computer’s IP address ( u can make one up or have samsung sdk running on your pc) and choose OK
  8. Restart your Samsung Smart Tv

6. Installing Apps via USB

  • Just put the apk file on your USB
  • Insert USB drive to your TV
  • Open files and folders
  • Choose the apk file
  • Click install
  • Confirm installation
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

7. SamyGo CFW

This is only possible on very old models A-D Series (i own only K and M series and cant test it for my self)
for anybody who is intrested please refer to the projet page:
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