Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo: English Translation [Looking for Translators Image Editors and Hackers

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  1. Heck Yes! That adds more fun into the game!

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  1. FuryTomic

    FuryTomic GBAtemp Regular

    May 16, 2015
    United States
    Hello there fellow community members!
    I am here to announce that our new team, "Eternal Nyaboron," has officially started translating Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo for the PSP and PS VITA!
    You can view the game and specs on VNDB:
    Overview of game:
    Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo is a Visual Novel that is rated C (Rated Teen or 12+ in other countries.) The main protagonist, Sorata Kanda, starts to create a game that was advertised at Suimei University of Fine Arts. His fellow dormmates, Shiina Mashiro, Aoyama Nanami, Jin Mitaka, Misaki Kamiigusa, Akasaka Ryunnsuke, along with 2 new characters, Otoha Nakano, and Koichi Shinagawa decided to help Sorata to create the best ultimate game design. Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo is available for PSP, PS VITA, and PS TV. There's also 6 downloadable content that adds in some character development, and some hilarious tensions between the protagonists.
    Translating Team:
    our team is fresh new and formed a few days ago. At the moment, we have 4 translators, 1 Image (or Graphical) Editor, and 1 Hacker. We are hoping to find more Translators and Image editors so process can move without any issues.
    The Team:
    Team Leader: Makoto Yūki
    Team Manager: FuryTomic
    Image Editors:
    Makoto Yūki (*he is not qualified but currently acting hacker for the team)
    We have started to translate the Main Storyline. Some of the side routes are being translated by our staff at the moment. Our Image Editor is currently waiting for images to be sent so he can start revising in game texts and logos.
    Recent News
    We are currently translating the Main Storyline. Side routes, Character routes, and the rest that need to be translated are put aside until the Main Storyline translation is finished.
    Recruiting New Members
    We are currently recruiting anyone to help us out! Positions are open for the following:
    1 Hackers and programmers:
    What they need to be able to do:
    Need to be able to create tools to extract the games images and script and need to be able to create tools to Reinsert or repackage the transalated images and scripts into the game.
    NOTE: Makoto Yūki already has the official .cpk tool which criware uses which has enabled us to extract and decrypt the main games archive which is in .cpk format.
    3 Image(or Graphical) Editors
    What they need to be able to do:
    They need to be able to change the japanese text in the images to englih for the vast majority of the games images.They also need to work closely with the teams transalators since its the transalators who will actually inform them as to what the Japanese text means in English.
    2 Japanese Transalators:
    What they need to be able to do:
    Work closely with other transalators and share the games scripts and then transalate them.Aswell as ensure that their transaltions Make sense and are correct gramattically.
    Please don't use Google Translate, as most of the words from that website are completely inaccurate.
    Do you want to join us or learn more about us?
    we have a website that contains links:
    To be Part of the Staff
    Information and Updates
    Possible Future projects
    Here is the link to our main website where you can access the list mentioned above ^ aswell as access this Tumblr page.
    Website link:
    http: //
    We also have created threads on some game forums where we have introduced our project.
    Links to the threads(Get involved Xp)
    Fuwanovel forums:
    Gbatemp: (here)

    Thank you for reading and we hope to show more progress in the distant future!


    FuryTomic, and Eternal Nyaboron Team

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  2. flame1234

    flame1234 GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    May 17, 2009
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    FuryTomic, what's your native language?

    Anyway, I just want to say Sorata (the main character) is one of my favorite characters in fiction because he feels to me like a real person. Real people fail at new tasks and Sorata is no exception - which you don't often see in fiction. The other characters are well written but I feel a bit less realistic.

    Regarding hacking, see also here:
  3. FuryTomic

    FuryTomic GBAtemp Regular

    May 16, 2015
    United States
    Oh, English.
    The thread you linked was the thread I encountered a few months ago.
  4. FuryTomic

    FuryTomic GBAtemp Regular

    May 16, 2015
    United States
    Well i thought id update this since we have some news.

    Me and 3 other transalators are working on transalating the scripts however we need help on opening up some of these file types especially the .txg file types.

    Here is a list of ALL the files in the .cpk archives

    txg -> trivially encoded ARGB (can be both indexed or direct-color, both 32 or 16 bits) images. The ones I've seen are PSP-interleaced.
    txgtl -> txg package.
    cbg -> txgl with additional header with extra information. Used for BG images, in these files, each txg is a 32*32 BG tile.
    ssb -> event script file, contain both game event logic and yes, also the text to translate.
    fnt -> No-brainier. Contains both the charset and the font graphic.
    awb -> AFS package with CRI sound files.
    adx -> CRI sound file.
    cmed -> comment list (I know, yeah), also has text to translate.
    csu -> essentially, same format than cbg.
    loc -> essentially, same format than txg. The one I decoded contained text (as image, of course). See below.
    pmf -> right, videos.
    rkd -> god knows, small file? 32 bit little endian small values? I don't think it's an important file.
    slpd -> Event script file list + some small data, probably related to script configuration.
    tipd -> Yes, contains text to translate. Pointers are probably elsewhere.
    tmd -> Same.
    tskd -> Same.
    tskt -> Some kind of configuration file.

    Courtsey of Skybladecloud.

    Now we have extracted Data.cpk and here is what it contains

    We have extracted the scripts and have them ALL but images are in .txg format apparently and we cant open them.So could anyone take a look at the file and Help us?
    We really need a hacker on our team too but if you can help with opening any of the files then please do and then let us use the tools to unpack and re pack the files after we have transalated them.
    But its images we mainly want first because our image editors are sitting empty handed at the moment.
  5. FuryTomic

    FuryTomic GBAtemp Regular

    May 16, 2015
    United States
    Mid July Update:

    Hello Guys hope your well and staying out of Sakurasou!

    Anyways got some great news today which is obviously a update on our progress for this transalation.

    Whenever we update this post it will either be myself or another member of the team who will inform you of our progress.

    Script wise we are moving through the texts and transalating them as best as we can.Apparently 13/88 scripts(for the main folder) are done if you want numbers. but theres more than 88 scripts in all the folders put together.

    We have already transalated the
    Tutorial,Misc and Trb folders

    We are working on all the scripts which are not in the folders too.

    Now onto the the images!

    Last time we stated how we have yet to extract the images since theyre in locked up tight in hard formats.

    Since then thanks to a ceartin someone on this site(Ill reveal his identity later after i ask him if i can).Thanks to him he has extracted 2 out of the 5 file formats which contain all images for Sakursou no pet na kanjo.

    These formats are
    .loc and .txg we have all the images which add up to 205 image files in total

    52 as .loc
    153 as .txg

    Now our 2 image editors are taking one format each and are beginning work on them this week.

    The other 3 or more image file formats are still being cracked open so that about sums up our progress so far.

    Guys please remember that we have a Website and Tumblr site and that the Tumblr site will always get updated first since its easier for me.

    We need more transalators and Image editors so if you have these talents then help us if you can.We have a sign up page for a list of different people which would be benifical to our team such as .eg A TLC.

    Well thats about it

    Arigateu Gozimatsu

    Yours truly

    Main site:
    Tumblr site:
    Gbatemp thread:
    Fuwanovel thread:
    Request to join us form:
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  6. Sliter

    Sliter GBAtemp Psycho!

    Dec 7, 2013
    ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
    Updating here our logo translation xD
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