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Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by skc, Jul 9, 2008.

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    I'm owning a G6 real and since it cannot be installed the Sakura firmware therefore I bought the M3 real, because it using a micro sd for bigger game storage space and many people in this forum saying Sakura menu is pretty nice. After that I felt a little bit disappointing and Sakura is not good as my expect.

    I think the most beautiful menu is Acekard2 or R.P.G, it has a game icons animation, better game name format (because M3 has to show the file size & no automatic file name sorting) and multilanguage support.

    Is it possible to modify or crack the Acekard2 firmware and apply it in M3 real?
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    That's not a fair comparison, comparing a hacked version of the first release of an encrypted firmware to an almost final, user-enhanced version of an open-source firmware.

    In response to your question, it's possible, but it would take a good coder and lots of effort.

    Anyway, I've tried my cousins Acekard2, and the menu felt slow and clunky in contrast to Sakura. I mean, it took 4 seconds to enter a folder that contained 11 games...
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    dude, ak2 menu is actually fairly smooth...
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    The menu is relatively fast, but loading a directory full of .nds files takes forever.
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    M3(sakura firmw)>ack2>g6
    M£(sakura firmw)>g6(sakura firmw (is it ever did happen) )>ack2

    Basically go with m3 its better than the acekard2 already, and it is only a hacked version of a semi incomplete and encrypted firmware.

    But if you buy a M3, then the G6Sakura comes out (which i extremely doubt but hope for) you will be completely F*@!ed off.
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    Very true, thank you for telling me will edit now.