ROM Hack RELEASE SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions Undub


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Jul 8, 2012
United Kingdom
SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions Undub for English version of the game.

This will replace the English voiceovers in the game with the original ones from Japanese version of the game.
It also replaces the audio in opening cutscene with original Japanese audio, which is something that existing undub for PC version is missing.

First, download the patch package from one of the links below which contain all the necessary files:

Mirror 1 (GDrive):

After downloading the patch, extract the contents of the archive with the mod to a folder of your own choice, it's compressed in 7z format which can be unpacked using 7zip or WinRAR, though I recommend 7zip for best compatibility to avoid any potential issues.

Next you'll want to make sure you're using a CFW with LayeredFS like Atmosphere.

Now all you will need to do is select the "Contents" folder from this unpacked undub archive and copy it to the directory used for LayeredFS on your memory card - this is crucial.
On Atmosphere, it's the "atmosphere" folder on the root of your memory card, put the "Contents" folder from this undub archive inside that "atmosphere" folder.
The patch is for the English version of the game (010003A00D0B4000).

The only thing left for you at this point is to simply start the game and enjoy it in all its undubbed glory!
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