1. snd777

    OP snd777 Newbie

    Apr 29, 2011
    United States
    hi first of all i think the patch is really great the first scenes of it got me really hooked and i cant wait to play it but it keeps freezing right after i save the game and when i reset the cartridge and try to load the game again it freezes so i was thinking do any of you guys what the problem is because i have been trying to fix for a week now and i have got no progress.

    and yes im using the save type as eeprom 64KBytsand im using the latest version of the NO$GBA emulator(2.6a) and i have patched the ap fix using easy patch and i used the latest crimson noctornal english translation patch(v2.11) and i used the alternate one so yeah i dont whats wrong

    and i would really appreciate any help from anyone.
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