Safest way to play retail discs from other regions?

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    Hi, I currently have my original wii homebrewed, mostly to play games from other regions. I would like to do the same for retail discs on my vWii but especially for retail Wii U discs from regions other than America. Is there a relatively easy/simple safe method of doing this now? It is still a vanilla Wii U.
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    Be sure your Wii U is on firmware 5.5.1.
    Download mocha and put the elf file in your sd card in sd:/wiiu/apps/mocha/mocha.elf
    Open your Wii U browser, go to the URL and tap the "ADD THE CHOCOLATE" button.

    When finished, your Wii U will be region free until you turn it off.

    NOTE: If a menu pops up (shouldn't) the first time asking for some configuration, be sure redNAND related stuff is disabled.
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