Safe Website To Purchase R4 DS Flash card UK

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  1. JoeTheUseless

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    Mar 30, 2014
    Hi there first thread

    I need a safe reliable website to purchase a R4 card I want it to bookcase my DS and GBA collection onto a single cartridge and also snes homebrew after looking at a few forums people highly recommend the
    Super card DS TWO as it has its own CPU and plays pretty much everything i have a 3DS also so maybe something that works with that too ;-)

    Thanks for reading please only safe reputable websites i double checked this website for safe sites but some threads are old and outdated ^-^

    Any good experience with these sites some people recommended them but they may be scams lol ds

    Thanks in advance :-D

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    If you don't have issues with ordering things shipped out from the USA, you can try RealHotStuff. They ship out from USA and I have ordered at least two flashcarts from them over the years. Most recently bought an original R4 from them, so they are a safe bet if you can't find one in your country. ;)