Safe to update cIOS?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by BaconXBits, Jun 23, 2009.

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    So right now I have a v3.3 softmodded Wii with cIOS36 rev 08 (the only modification besides a backup channel), and my Tiger Woods '10 isn't working for me (black screen w/spinning disc). I searched "cIOS" in the downloads section, only to find this. Does cIOS38 have any affiliation with the backup channel? If not, what does it do and where can I find a proper cIOS36 upgrade?

    On a less related/urgent note, is it possible to unofficially upgrade to 4.0 without losing anything?
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    well, cioscorp is what you would want to use to play backups from the disc channel (If you are unsure of what your doing I suggest to make sure you have some type of brick protection like preloader of bootmii before you even start messing around with cioscorp) . there are plenty of guides and information on here about cioscorp. as far as cios beng updated you can always install new ones over the old ones. most people are using ciosr13a because of it being more stable then ciosr13b when it comes to backup loaders and certain games.

    I am not sure if your looking to use the disc channel with backups or if your looking to use a backup launcher channel. I dont use backup launchers very much but neogamma (I think it's called) is the one thats pretty popular right now.
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