safe to restore previous (A9LH) NAND Backup w/ GM9?

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    it gives me "MBR MBR" corrupt warning, i assume this is because of A9LH in it's image. only trying to restore a NAND backup to see if something in my NAND was fouled up as i cannot run any EMM Games or exit from system Applets to Menu w/o locking up.

    it comes to mind i had helped mod a friends O3DS (orginal run model) an di may of used my O3DS's SD to store the NAND backup as he only had a 2GB SD, the second image i had just simply "oldnand"validates just fine and GM9 confirms it appears to be from my unit. i just dont know how long ago this was, if this was old enough to be before i wiped it after doing a O3DS to N3DS transfeer.

    Question now is, since i can browse the nand image virtually in GM9 anything within to indicate what FW this was done in? this is defantly before a B9S 1.0 install as in teh root of this image i see the old "arm9loaderhax.bin" which hasto be either a nightly build of luma 7 or 7.0.1
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