Safe to go online vwii (again)?

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    I know this has been asked quite a few time....better safe then sorry. Wiiu is blocked in router.
    I do have the 2 'special' DNS entries setup in my connection.
    I am on 5.5.1 and have haxchi but I don't want to upgrade.

    In Vwii mode: when I unblock my Wiiu in router, can I go online to update nintendont, homebrew and covers without Nintendo underwater pushing some 5.5.2 update to my system????
    I guess the Wii store is off limit as I have to remove DNS entries and that is a no go for sure....unless Some Vwii nnupatcher exists.
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    The Wii U portion is completely off and I don't know why you would need to block DNS on VWii if it's just there for legacy support and has never been updated. The Wii Shop is going down in a few months and online play has been gone since 2013 try using Wiimifi