Ryujinx Nintendo Switch emulator gets major performance improvements in new POWER and LDN 2.3 update


Ryujinx has been successfully emulating Nintendo Switch games for a while now, but the latest update to the emulator marks a major milestone in terms of performance improvements across the board. The dev team has implemented their new POWER (Performance Optimizations With Extensive Ramifications) upgrade into the main build of Ryujinx. This change, put simply, optimizes the load being put onto a user's CPU and allows for lots of games to run at full-speed, including those on lower-end hardware.

For much of recent memory Ryujinx has been widely known as a highly compatible, feature-rich emulator with one caveat: without a high-end PC, many first-party games simply ran too slowly to be considered playable. We aim to change all that with today's major overhaul of the emulator's memory management, (absurdly but affectionately) nicknamed POWER - Performance Optimizations With Extensive Ramifications. Lowering CPU requirements and increasing headroom for higher end PCs, this update effectively unlocks full-speed gameplay for a vastly larger audience. Thanks to the joint efforts of gdkchan and riperiperi, users with all kinds of hardware can enjoy performance increases anywhere from 20%-100% and beyond, depending on the game and the user's PC specifications.

In performance tests done by the developers, you can see games that previously had issues running at stable framerates before, like Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, now emulate at faster speeds thanks to the POWER update. Ryujinx's team also measured how the POWER build runs on all sorts of hardware, ranging from a high-end Ryzen 7 machine, to a low-spec laptop with onboard graphics. Certain games benefited from increases of over 30fps more than before, as well as dramatically faster boot times.

The LDN netplay feature also saw some improvements, too, adding in some performance tweaks for Monster Hunter Rise and Pokemon Sword & Shield, while also benefitting from the POWER update, as it allows more stable emulation, and therefore more stable connections for players. Anyone interested in checking out the new build can go download it from the official Ryujinx website.

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Mar 28, 2013
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I just downloaded the new version (I think?)
I clicked on 'About' and all I see is 1.0.6895.
EDIT : Nevermind. Didn't have the time to read the entire thing, I think I'm good just have no time to try it out as I have a house full now, but hopefully I can play Animal Crossing at normal speeds now and hope it fixed the startup crash...
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