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    Ok so i got a essay to write about Russian's weakness and defeats and the year is between 1881-1924, and this is due tomorrow so can some one mind giving me a summary or something so i can use that in my own words or get an idea of what to write?
    Thanks in advance.
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    alanjohn check ur pm
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    That time encompasses much of the end colonial Europe to an extent, world war 1, Prussia, Finland, Rasputin and the Russian revolution as well as the end of the Tsars. I mention the first two as even though Russia may or may not be part of Europe depending on how you look at things they are greatly important in the history of Russia and also see things like the Tsars being refused asylum in the UK. This is to say nothing of whatever was going on in east Russia as well.

    Short version if you are asking about this sort of thing and you are indeed in the US you are probably doing it at a fairly high level- you are almost certainly going to be doing an all nighter. If you can (I do not know what the late submission penalties are) I would take the hit and spend tomorrow evening doing it as well.
    There are likely a few people around here that can help you but they are not many in number.

    Your best bet for something really simple (or at least part of it) is to try and find an analysis/explanation of Animal farm- it is quite famously an allegorical account of the Russian revolution so have a look that (note it does dwell a fair bit on the time period after yours finishes so be careful).

    If I cared about grades I would really not like to be in your shoes right now.
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    I remember the revolution in 1917, when Lenin became the main guy.
    And of course WWI in 1914.
    Oh and yes please use google, google is your friend.