Running PAL games on NTSC Wii

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    I've recently got Another Code R and was trying to run it on my NTSC Wii.
    The game can be started using Gecko OS 1.9.1, but even if I set the "Force NTSC" option, it runs on a "reddish" color with a slowdown framerate. When I go back to the Wii menu, the red color tone continues until I turn the console off and on again.

    I run my Wii on a LCD TV through a Component Cable. I think it should've already auto-detect NTSC/PAL, but it's apparently refusing to do so. There's no options to change the video type within the TV menus.

    I currently have the 4.0 update on my Wii but I can't recall the exact IOS number - I've installed one that can run the backup Wads off the SD Card.

    Any suggestions on what can I do through Wii software to successfully force NTSC into the game?
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    May 24, 2009
    It should work. Possibly you made a bad burn but then again, some poeple have had major issues. It seems quite eratic.