Running a pal copy of Trauma Center: New blood on NTSC Wii?

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    Hello everyone,

    I acquired a PAL copy of Trauma Center: New Blood, and I have a NTSC Wii. I am running on the 3.2 update, games like Animal Crossing, Wii Music, COD5 and Sonic have all been running with no problems but I can't figure out these settings for New Blood.

    I forgot to force it to NTSC and got the game running in black and white with the screen constantly moving, and I forced it to NTSC and got the green screen. I've tried it with .3 beta and .3 gamma.

    Any clue what's going on?
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    you can use "IOS Version Patcher" from Waninkoko and patch the .iso to IOS249...!! [​IMG]