Rune Factory Shin Bokujou Monogatari

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    The newest rpg is out in japan well not really, but it's out on the net [​IMG] unfortunately unless you can read another language it might be hard to figure.
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    This topic contains no usable information. Why bother posting?
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    You should just reply in the releas topic next time [​IMG]
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    Jun 17, 2006
    So far it's pretty good but at the moment I'm just playing the harvest moon side of the game. They're not letting me enter the dungeons to fight.
    I'm just wondering if anyone here has figured out how to get into the dungeons and where to get the old hammer from?

    so far-
    Hoe + Watering can = first cutscene
    Axe = Mayor's (I think he's the mayor) mansion on the 7th day (could be any other day), you'll get a cutscene, talk to everyone in the room a few times, the mayor should give it to you
    Sickle= talking to Rosetta (girl who collects your shipped items) a few times while she's in the Part's store (general grocer)
    Fishing rod = Go to the wharf early in the morning, girl who runs the beach house should pop up and give it to you.

    I've got a small table and small cupboard and one monster barn..

    I'm still working out how to get a kitchen and how to upgrade equipment...

    Anyone who's figured out anything, can you help please?