Rune factory, save gone!

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    EDIT: Confirmed messed up savegame. it sucks.

    EDIT: ok the download link is fixed now

    My rune factory save seems to have magically been deleted (not the actual file but the save data). i replaced it with a backup from a week ago, and it still didnt show the save data that should be there. wtf?

    all i can think of as causing the error is:

    hardware problem (ez4)?
    my bro deleting it?
    me accidentally deleting it?

    my rune factoryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    Okay, i tested an even older backup save and it didn't work either.

    Could i ask a massive favor of anyone. could they test my rune factory save to see if it works?

    its ez4 save (So 256kb) it might need to be padded to 512kb, or it might not.

    arghh!!!! i've tried three of my old saves and none work. everyone says i have blank save data. but they all have different CRC's so i'm sure they must hold different data.

    Edit: ok one of my oldest saves worked. all my other games are working fine too.
    but i don't want to lose this up to date save!