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    Apr 6, 2010
    GoNintendo - Just last night, we told you that none other than Eiji Aonuma was going to be on Famitsu's Nico Nico channel to discuss The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Famitsu also stated that there would be some interesting development news to check out.

    The live-event has now come and gone, and we're hearing that Mr. Aonuma said that a new Zelda title will be shown during the week of E3. This title is related to the 25th anniversary of Zelda. Ocarina of Time 3D, Skyward Sword and another Zelda title to celebrate the series' anniversary? Color me VERY excited!


    **Google Translation Below***

    Nicolas is a special member of our team, because he lives in Tokyo, Japan. When we learned that Eiji Aonuma would participate in a TV show, we asked him to follow to learn more about the development of 3D Ocarina of Time , and possibly one or two glean information about the franchise which will be celebrated this year on 25 th anniversary.

    The least we can say is that we were not disappointed! Indeed, Eiji Aonuma has announced no less, tells us Nicolas in his transcript, a new Zelda game, presented at the 25th anniversary of the franchise! To help you discover the contents of the intervention of Eiji Aonuma about to Ocarina of Time 3D , we suggest you discover the transcript of Nicolas below.

    The information remains the main presentation, next week, a Zelda birthday, the 25th anniversary of the franchise. We do not know if it's a remake or compilation, is still it that this anniversary edition, highly anticipated by fans, we will be presented in detail next week during E3.
    New trailer tears. Orchestral and Review of graphical improvements (the magnificent Castle Ganon).
    Explanation of handling with improving the management of items through the bottom screen.
    Specific button at the ocarina is no longer an item, it can be accessed directly from the bottom screen in one press.
    Can be attributed to two objects touch buttons and two objects X and Y.
    Aonuma has the gyroscope that works perfectly, it is impressive.
    The indices of the game (like New Super Mario Bros.. Wii) look at each passing through a hole that forms in the stones of the time, we see some sort of flashbacks very explicit to avoid chewing the work of player and he can still get a real sense of accomplishment once completed the challenge.
    Link can run with the iron boots (in my memory that he could not walk, but maybe I'm wrong?).
    A color code has been added on the temple walls of water to more easily identify.
    Fan unnecessary detail: the ivy which can cling has changed (less rasterized!), It is the same for medals Skulltula:-p
    25 years of Zelda: new zelda presented at E3!!
    Trivia: the development of OoT lasted 3 years and after that Miyamoto asked Aonuma make a Zelda in a year by reusing the graphics of OoT. One year, even with the graphics already made, still a very short period of time, and from there arose the idea of using the same environment for 3 days with Aonuma . But more development is going and more developers rajoutent details and small changes after the day the game in spite of this, everyone has worked hard to complete development in one year. Miyamoto , seeing schedules crazy developers, told Aonuma : " you can take one or two more weeks "... but Aonuma did not dare tell his team they could slow down as they had ever worked to meet time.
    Thank you to Nicolas for taking the time to watch this show for us in return, the exclusive French, content! Strongly next week that we can discover the content of this new Zelda birthday!
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    Dec 23, 2009
    Hmm...at first I was "again? A common complaint of nintendo is already that they're milking their franchises to death. They're already working on Ocarina of time 3D and skyward sword". But then again: the 3DS doesn't have a zelda game of its own (OoT is a remake), so it makes sense. And also: from what I've gathered, they put a lot of work in remaking OoT to fit the 3DS. It would be stupid not to use all that research to create a new game.

    Okay, it doesn't say much on the platform, but going by the text, I doubt it'll be a launch game for the wii 2 (reusing the graphics from a handheld game to show of your next gen console doesn't sound very smart).
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