[Rumour] Mario Open Golf

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    Werent sure if this could be a DS or Wii game so shoved it into other. Anyway heres yet another rumour caused by a company trademarking:

    From Kotaku
    "Golf is the kind of sport that is really only meant to be played as a video game. Joining country clubs, reserving tee times, wearing ugly clothes, and carrying fifteen pounds of metal for a whole day looking for a ball smaller than the palm of my hand somehow doesn't beat out staying in bed and ignoring items that need to be returned to Ikea on my weekend schedule.

    Right now, all the jazz is focused on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, but for those who like a little more fantasy on the course (dolphin sand dunes, uh, yes please!), there is a glimmer of hope that Nintendo will offer one of their famous Mario golf games for the Wii in some way shape or form after some of their new trademarks were posted for Joy Mecha Fight, Wii de Yawaraka Atamajuku, Mini Mini Daikoushin!, Brownie Brown, and of course, Mario Open Golf.

    Although I desperately want Mario Open Golf as a regular game, there is the possibility that it will only be released as a VC game since it has already been confirmed for it in the European, Austrailian and New Zealand on their Wii Shop channels."

    Dunno why they think its a VC game as there isnt actually a title called Mario Open Golf already and if so why would Nintendo need to trademark it again? The only golf VC title that has been confirmed is NES Open Tournement Golf so maybe they got mixed up, Anyhoo disguss away! I personally would love a motion sensor Mario Golf game as I loved the N64 and GC ones. I'd also like to see a NDS title too(with link up and wi-fi please!), like the GBC/GBA ones, Camelot are busy doing PC golf games so they probably wont be doing it this time but who could do the RPG/sports hybrid?
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    Well, it may be a VC only game, and if it is,this are great news.

    Next titles on the VC:
    *Streets of Rage 2
    *Kid Chameleon
    *Sonic the Hedgehog
    *Golden Axe II
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