Rumour: Dead Space 2 necromorph vs. “soldiers"

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    Rumour: Dead Space 2 necromorph vs. “soldiers"
    According to reports coming out of a recent GameStop conference in Texas, Dead Space 2 will be getting a multiplayer mode in which players will control either Necromorphs or "soldiers" (presumably not welders, then?). GamerNode claims that the mode will consist of "deathmatch-style combat" and will be just one of several multiplayer game modes included when the game launches in early 2011.

    Additionally, the source claims that pre-orders of the game at any outlet would net purchasers a free download of Dead Space: Ignition. If you pre-order it at GameStop, you'll allegedly get another bonus: a rivet gun.

    Update: EA could only confirm the inclusion of multiplayer in Dead Space 2 to Joystiq, saying, "Dead Space 2 will feature multiplayer where you'll be able to strategically dismember your friends for the first time." Hopefully we'll hear more soon.[/p]
    [​IMG] Source (Joystiq)
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    I have no say about this...

    But the picture made me spit Cheez-Its.
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    How great would that be? Having your mates crawl around on the floor!