RUMORS: 'Game Lab' Japanese magazine reveals upcoming games&#3

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    "Game Lab is a well-known Japanese magazine. One of the craziest sections has to be their rumor portion…which can be spot-on, or way off. 1up has listed some of the biggest rumors from the latest issue.

    * The popular RPG series “T” by game company “N” will see several releases in 2009. There are said to be six games in development, both outsourced and within the company, and at least one “T” game will hit every single current gen platform next year.

    * Although the DS rhythm game sequel “R” by game company “N” received mixed reviews due to its change of input method from buttons to stylus, it performed so well that “N” has begun developing a Wii version. Staff from this year’s Wii music game “W” are reportedly involved.

    * Game company “S” is attempting to headhunt employees from American game company “L” to assist with its virtual online experience, “H”..

    * Game company “N” is said to be working on a second iteration of its fitness game, “W”. New features apparently include stretching and massages. A certain former U.S. Army instructor has reportedly been approached about endorsing the game."

    The title of the article said:

    "Game Lab rumors by way of 1up - Wii Fit 2, Rhythm Heaven Wii, Tales of series to explode, and more"

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    Wii Fit 2? Why wouldn't they do it? Seriously! [​IMG]

    Rhythm Heaven Wii? Really hope it's true [​IMG]

    More Tales games? Namco released 14 games in the previous 3 years.. if the thing is selling.. I don't see why they would stop, being that 2 are already announced for next year [​IMG]