Rumor: TimeSplitters 4 in Development for Next-Gen Consoles

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  1. BobTheJoeBob

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    Aug 2, 2009
    A "high-ranking industry source at Crytek," speaking with, claims that Microsoft will announce the next-generation Xbox hardware within the next 12 months, pointing to E3 2012 as a likely time for the console to make an appearance.

    The new system's specifications haven't been decided yet, but Crytek is using DirectX 11 as the basis for development. The upcoming DirectX 11 patch for Crysis 2 on PC is being used to benchmark hardware trends in the near future. But the more exciting news is that TimeSplitters 4 is currently being built with the third generation of Crytek's CryEngine technology with a mind to releasing it on the new Xbox system and Sony's inevitable rival when they emerge. The game was apparently being shown privately in video form at the E3 just passed, and is currently being demonstrated internally within the company.

    The new TimeSplitters game is said to maintain the series' trend of branching paths and multiple possible solutions -- making it a far cry (no pun intended) from many of today's super-linear shooters and closer in execution to Crytek's past titles Far Cry and Crysis -- as well as the previous TimeSplitters games.

    Crytek UK, better known by their previous name, Free Radical Design, are handling the development of the fourth TimeSplitters game. This means that the series has remained in the hands of the same developers since its inception in the early days of the PS2. In 2008 the company went into administration after the less-than-glowing critical reception of PS3 shooter Haze, and many employees lost their jobs. The company was subsequently acquired by Crytek and revived as Crytek UK.

    Microsoft and Crytek have declined to comment on the rumors.[/p]


    Fuck. Yes.
    Also, a different site reporting the same story but making it come across as fact, they seem very sure:
    Also, just to make sure, this is a rumour, not confirmed.
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    Lol I was expecting TS4 on WiiU, still this is only a rumour so anything can happen [​IMG]
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    Mar 5, 2011
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    oh please let this rumor be true [​IMG]
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    Apr 4, 2009
    I'm interested in this.
    Depending on the cost, I may get the next-gen Xbox instead of one of the current-gen systems.
    FYI, the only current-gen console I own is the Wii.

    TimeSplitters 4 should be okay. Not too interested, though.
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    As I've said before, TimeSplitters 3: FP is one of my favorite shooters of all time.

    Really hope this is true and coming, but hoping that the series doesn't take a "CoD" turn.

    That aside: I must be just so old. I didn't know Crytek UK = former Free Radical. :s
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    I totally just got a half chub reading that rumor
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    Hell yea, it's time to split! Fingers crossed this is true, I finished Future Perfect for Gamecube not too long ago with my brother, it rocked. It's just so feature packed and works so fluidly, it's hard to believe it's a last gen game. TS4 would have a lot to live up to.