[Rumor] Switch Firmware 5.0.0 Video Leaked

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    It seems a curious video has surfaced, potentially detailing a new firmware update for the Nintendo Switch. This is supposedly the beta of a 5.0.0 firmware, and the video showcases new features like menu themes, an internet browser, media apps like YouTube and Twitch, online lobby rooms and party chat, cloud storage, virtual console, and the ability to sort your games on the Switch menu with folders. The video channel was named "NOATEST #063", and was removed shortly after being uploaded. User @sks316 has uploaded the video to MEGA and FileTrip, with download links below.

    Though the video does look legitimate, there are a few inconsistencies. The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game is shown as a digital download, and yet it only takes up 2GB on the system, despite being a nearly 7GB download. Additionally, the YouTube app features an outdated logo for its icon. Assuming the video isn't a fake, the update is supposed to launch early February, likely after the also rumored January Nintendo Direct.

    :arrow: Filetrip Link
    :arrow: MEGA Link
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