[Rumor] Pokemon on Switch To Be 'Disruptive,' Innovative like BotW and Odyssey

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by HaloEliteLegend, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Xzi

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    Well if it's a radical departure at least it won't be like Sun/Moon.
  2. k3rizz3k

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    Pokemon (Shooting) Stars A "Radical game changing" Pokemon FPS Strategy RPG
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  3. SG854

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    Feb 17, 2017
    The thing is that the current Pokemon battle system is so deeply embedded in the competitive scene that changing the system entirely, I don't really know what to say. Nintendo is going to have to use their brains if they are going to make drastic changes and to come out with something good. I don't really see the battle system changing from its current turn based strategy. The only thing they can change is the world and have something different than the typical Gym/Pokemon league system. Maybe add voice acting. They could get actors from the Pokemon anime and make a story thats actually well made.
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  4. RedBlueGreen

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    Aug 10, 2015
    There are a couple problems with this though I generally agree.

    They already tried getting rid of the Pokémon League and it didn't really help Sun and Moon. They just replaced it, which is likely what they'd do again, although since the end of Sun and Moon suggested that Alola may get a Pokémon League they may just go back to using it. The only way they can make a major change is if they try to make the game open world, but that also creates several issues. You'd br able to just wander to areas where trainers and Pokémon are way too strong meaning it would be a lot harder to catch Pokémon and battle. This would also make levelling up your Pokémon very difficult. That also makes Pokémon inhabiting certain areas a little more difficult because they'd probably get rid of the closed off routes making a lot of places just big fields, possibly creating the same issue Sun and Moon had where certain Pokémon are either in very specific patches of grass or having a very, very low chance of encounter. They could get rid of tall grass but then Pokémon would appear on screen and there would either be too few or too many causing something like slowdown or cluttering areas.

    Voice acting doesn't really matter to me either way, and I'd probably just mute it if possible.

    Having a more serious story wouldn't really work out too well. It's a welcome change but a bunch of people think that Pokémon already limits them too much by closing off areas until you get a certain badge (or complete a story objective). Honestly I think those people are idiots, but they'd probably become a lot more vocal in whining because the game isn't "open enough".
  5. KingVamp

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    I'm just going to completely disregard the Turn-Base hating. For the record, I really down they are killing turn-base or turning it into an ATB.

    Funny, remember someone saying the show make the game like Xenoblade. While I thought it wasn't a bad idea, I thought it would be more for a spinoff.
    Seems like that person may get his wish, if this is true, thanks to Mario and Zelda.

    If they are going to do this, this does seem like a good place to reboot the whole series. So many ideas they can do for the first regions, if they start all over. Wouldn't be tied down, like with just a remake. Could be whole different storyline. Places could be completely different while still fitting the regions.

    Would be cool, if they did more than one or two regions per game. They could very well make it harder to level up or make the level bigger without abandoning the old Pokemon. They could update the old Pokemon to the new leveling system. If they do allow old Pokemon on the new system, they probably wouldn't let you do that vi versa.

    Also, rather they have a new leveling system or not, they can just make you Switch Pokemon every region until the last one and post game.

    They could still close off areas. Besides, if they want to go to places that are obviously too strong for them, that's the players fault. Of course, there should be guides to go the easiest direction.

    That's the biggest issue. Will they actually show Pokemon wondering around or still just keep them mostly "hidden" until battle. They could also do a balance of both. This would avoid some of the problems of too many Pokemon on screen and too little Pokemon to catch.
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  6. Tomato Hentai

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    Oct 30, 2014
    Yea, changing the format in a way that makes old Pokemon incompatible at this point sounds like a terrible idea, though if they somehow just update it to allow larger levels and bigger stats after level 100 then I think it'd be fine and maybe very little conversion work would have to be done, if any. Might be wrong tho.

    I also heard someone suggest this, which I think would also be an interesting idea, but I'm not 100% how that could be added into the game with a proper reason that makes sense in-universe.
  7. swabbo

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    Mar 9, 2011
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    I'd be happy with a Pokémon Colosseum/ XD successor
  8. xXDungeon_CrawlerXx

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    Jul 29, 2015
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  9. bjaxx87

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    Jun 17, 2011
    I wonder how multiplayer is going to work. Can you link two Switches? Or will it be online only?
  10. InsaneNutter

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    It's worrying when Pokemon is been compared to two games you have no interest at all in. However as an open word game Pokemon Go works pretty well, as your interacting with other people in the real world. I'd be open to Pokemon on the Switch doing something similar, where theirs a lot more interaction with other real people playing on the Switch as you progress though the game.
  11. smileyhead

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    Aug 31, 2015
    I'd love a new direction for the series. I like the Pokémon universe, but the games are just too boring for me.
  12. Meteor7

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    Jun 9, 2014
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    They'd need to do a rather massive shake-up of the formula for me to get back into Pokemon games. It isn't the general concept I dislike at all, it's just that each iteration just felt like the same game over again. If this rumor turns out to be true, I'd definitely be glad for it.
  13. chartube12

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    i rather they finally let pokemon learn all their moves. however let you only set/mark 12 moves for battle. also increase the 8 pokemon you can carry with you to 12. allows move stats to level up as well. each time they are used they get AP. once enough AP is gain, you can choose to increase a moves, accruatcy, power, range, speed and effect chance (if it has an effect). however make each choice perma n only let you level up 2 of the stats to max. thus your choices are important. and finally drop tge hidden stat bs. only nerds without a life have time for that bs.
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  14. Xzi

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    Dec 26, 2013
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    Whatever else they change up is fine, but they should 100% do fully animated battles set in enclosed arenas or environments. Hell, mix in Colosseum and Snap elements too. Done right this could be the most perfect/complete Pokemon game.
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  15. joseph0042

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    In before Gyarados Jump for the Switch.
  16. KingVamp

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    Not having to find a special person to change the moveset would be nice, but 6 moves per battle would be enough. I thought maybe 9 Pokemon, again, I think 12 is a bit too much. I'm pretty sure it is 6 Pokemon at a time, as of right now.

    Would nice for the main games to have "Shadow Pokémon". Snag Balls might be a bit too much tho.
  17. Thirty3Three

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    Ew please no. This ruined Zelda for me
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    Oct 2, 2012
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    With all the spinoffs that have gone from innovative to boring, (Mystery Dungeon, Ranger, etc) and with the mainline games getting more irksome for me to slog through with each passing generation, Game Freak would have to actually manage doing something monumental for me to want to play a new entry. Which entirely goes against what the series has been riding to success for two decades.

    Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were playing it as "safe" as possible, bringing little to no changes to the originals, especially compared to other "3rd version" games in the past. (e.g. Emerald, Platinum) And with regards to being "disruptive", I'm skeptical to think Odyssey as something that made massive changes as a risk. I don't think Game Freak knows the meaning of "change", especially these days. It's not financially smart as a choice, nor does it really line up with what the company is known for doing. Unless they outsource it to another company like Spike Chunsoft or Genius Sonority, this seems like a rumor only to drive hype when the news is slow for the month.
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  19. Catastrophic

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    Apr 28, 2012
    Best case scenario for me would be a Pokemon game with dynamic combat, like a fighting game, or just one with generally more interactivity.

    Worst case, crafting.
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  20. GomiHiko

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    May 9, 2017
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    Of course, right about when the next title has to be SINNOH REMAKES they decide to scrap that and go with something else