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Discussion in 'Site Discussions & Suggestions' started by funnystory, Jan 24, 2016.

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  1. funnystory

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    Sep 20, 2008
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    A rules thread needs to be posted and stickied at the very top of the nintendo 3ds section.

    I recently made a thread,

    and it was locked just because a mod decided it wasn't forum worthy. Was the thread offensive?Was the thread useless?(We will get into it in a second) Did it break the rules?(Been looking for rules but can't find them)

    The thread may have seemed useless to the blind eye,however people were exchanging valuable information about the firmwares that were spoken off and generally polite discussion was being started on a forum,the whole point of the forum is to get people posting as it generates content,content generates money for GBAtemp since it puts us in search engine and overall generates more revenue for the community which is great.

    Another thing to point out is the fact that people are rude or disrespectful and you can't call them out on it or you get warned/banned by a mod that shows up for 5 minutes and makes rash decisions or are ban happy. This simply is not the way things need to be. If a user is not being disrespectful towards you,you should NEVER be disrespectful towards them,people MUST be treated and the same fashion that you expect to be treated. This one is for the members that think they will get a promotion by reporting as many posts/threads as possible,this one should be left for the moderators and we already have enough mods as is.

    No other gaming community do people constantly need to be reminded to treat other fellow forum members the same way you would treat your neighbors/co workers. It is usually not necessary to keep constantly reminding people that this is a COMMUNITY and not a place to try to dictate/control what other people do(usually people you don't know) For example look at how the xbox scene handles itself whether (se7ensins for example) you simply do not see the childish behaviors that get exhibited day in and out on temp.

    This is not a rant but merely a suggestion,I think we should make it easier on everyone if we made a thread listing the expectations we have for members as far as forum etiquette/rules go. Clearly it isn't common sense since we have minor issues of blatant disrespect as a regular occurrence. For example the people that like to celebrate when someone "bricks" they are quick to load the thread up with verbal jabs/insults as if the person hadn't had enough breaking their expensive electronics. All these behaviors are immature and are ultimately detrimental to the foundation of the community.
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    It was locked because it had already been posted like 10 times before you posted it. It actually falls on you to use either google or the site's search function to ensure the thread you are posting hasn't already been covered in another thread.
    Also a lot of the rudeness often comes from the fact that we often see the same thread pop up left and right and it gets old really fast.
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    Mar 17, 2010
    If you hover over the "Forums" link at the top you'll see a link to the rules. But it could be placed in a more obvious spot, such as as its own link next to "Forums".
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    People don't read stickies. Or rules.

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