RROD Falcon, getting repaired, need suggestion :)

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    Hi guys,

    First of all, I would like to say that I live in India, and I bought this Xbox from an Indian forum [​IMG] I bought an RROD Xbox 360 off a forum. The guy said he had bought it in the US and brought it back to India. It RRODed, and he got it replaced once. It RRODed again twice, and he himself repaired it and the console worked for approx 3+ months each time, but then it RRODed again, and he just gave up.

    Anyways, a very good friend of mine is a PS2 and Xbox 360 modder. He himself has repaired quite a lot of RROD Xbox 360 consoles, and he's agreed to fix mine too.

    He is going to use Tuniq TX-3 thermal paste and is going to remove the x-clamps and put something else instead and using screws and nylon/steel washers, etc.

    Now, I am very much confident in him that he'll fix the RROD, but I wanted to know. I just checked the console. It's a FALCON (came to know from it's power socket in the Xbox 360) and it's manufacturing date is "2007-12-05".

    Now, what I want to know is, is there any thing else I should do that would assist in reducing the temperatures. The person who sold it to me is 100% sure that he hasn't updated the console (although he is not sure which dashboard that console is currently on). He said that he hasn't played that console for almost a year now, so there is a very high chance of this Xbox 360 being JTAG hackable (my prime reason for getting this Xbox 360 and trying to get it repaired).

    Also, I read on another forum where a guy JTAGed his working Falcon Xbox 360, and that he applied a few copper heatsinks on "4 hot chips". He's posted a few photographs, and if someone wants, I can post those here too for reference.

    Anyways guys, please suggest me what methods I should do which would in turn help me keeping the temperatures down on this Xbox 360. Since I am going to get it repaired, I might as well tell him to apply these mods then and there [​IMG]

    Sorry for typing such a huge post. Thanx a lot in advance for all the help. Desperately waiting for a reply [​IMG]
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    Check around, lots of people install extra (or bigger) fans, but I dont know the details.

    Also, if you do jtag it, you can either run a program to make the fan always run at a faster speed, or use FreestyleDash which has a slider in it where you can set the fan speed.
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    "4 hot chips" sounds like the ram chips on the bottom of the board aka the penny fix. Ram overheating is not such a problem but the "heatsinks" are there in fact to rebalance the board a bit and can in and of themselves "fix" RRoD.
    A rough overview of the RRoD situation:
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    I missed that post of yours back then FAST. It explains everything pretty nicely and is pretty much correct on everything. Just as sharp and knowledgeable as ever! Kudos [​IMG]

    (For the OP, this one: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=193...&p=2427152)
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    on one of my 360s the fan stopped working and it kept getting 2 red lights overheating. so i found a 12v point on the motherbord and solderd the fan on now it never get red light but the fan is loud all the time. but i sold it and kept my elite
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    Hoping its not too late but here it goes anyway:
    Well the problem comes in the with the constant cycle of heating up and cooling down. That's basically where the RRoD originates, its more complex that that, but this is the generic "why it happens" . So there really isn't much you can do, other than keeping it well ventilated, and of course dust free.

    i dunno, a 360 from 07, RRoD multiple times.... just sounds like it will die of e74 sonner or later.